Dragonfly Ponds specializes in water features. We build, renovate, maintain, repair, beautify and even consult for those do it yourself individuals. We are also offering more options with our smaller water features including stainless steel fountains. We also have a great selection of pond plants to make any pond more beautiful. Our last specialty is landscape lighting. Lighting up your water feature or landscape further enhances the enjoyment of your yard.

Quality built, unique creative water features, is what Dragonfly Ponds has always been about. In a world where every landscaper seems to be pumping out basic water features, we take pride in creating creative creations….one of a kind water features. We search through the quarries looking for very unique rocks so that our streams and waterfalls look like water has been flowing over them forever. With over 13 years of experience cleaning and repairing other contractors water features, we definitely know the few techniques that work and unfortunately continue to see the many poorly designed water features that leak and get very green with algae. A Dragonfly Pond water feature will be well designed, will sound amazing, have minimal water loss, be able to be cleaned properly, last a long time and will give you lots of enjoyment for years to come.


From poorly built features to ones that had little creativity or thought put into them, we can give them a makeover and turn them into a feature that you will enjoy. Waterfalls and streams can be rebuilt to give you better sound and visual appeal. Planting areas complete with cool pond plants can be added to make it a beautiful water garden and at the same time, a better ecosystem.

Pond Repairs

We have done hundreds of repairs to ponds and water features. Some of the repairs we have done are:
Fixing Holes, replacing pumps, finding leaks and low spots in the liner, fixing floats, adding filter systems, concrete repairs, fixing streams and waterfalls so the water goes above rather the rocks rather than under and many more.

Pond Maintenance

We are a very environmentally friendly company and our maintenance practices reflect that. Only products that are good for the birds, bees and your pets will be used. Too many products that are questionable to the environment are used to control algae. We look at what is causing the algae to grow and deal with that issue so that your pond can have a healthy and balanced ecosystem with minimal algae. The normal approach is to kill off the algae with treatments. Unfortunately, the algae was showing you that there is a problem and was trying to help your pond get healthy is gone and what was causing the algae in the first place continues to get worse. We offer spring start-ups, winter shutdowns, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly cleanings.

Pond Cleaning

The above picture shows what a pond can look like when a lot of organic matter has accumulated. Depending on how much organic matter gets into and rots in the pond and/or the fish load, it can quickly build up and cause an algae problem or worse yet the pond can get toxic enough to kill your fish. We do a lot of pond cleaning, a big help in getting your pond back in balance. When we clean a pond we will also recommend changes that will help keep the pond easier to keep clean.

Pond Plants

Pond plants transform a pond into a beautiful oasis. We have several different varieties from tropicals to hardy pond plants. We bring them to your pond, suggest planting options and plant them for you.

Decorative Walls

The walls we create are great for raised garden beds. The natural stacked rock walls look great, are foamed together so are quite strong and the dirt will not filter through.

Landscape Lighting

Having lighting around the yard at night adds a whole new element to your landscaping. Whether it is on a water feature, along a pathway or showcasing plants or trees, it definitely adds to the enjoyment of your property.


Like to do it yourself? We can tell you the steps required for you to create your own water feature.