About Us

Why Dragonfly?…I wanted a name that was truly unique to the pond environment. Fish and frogs are not everybody’s favorites (especially frogs when they are searching out that special friend) but a dragonfly is captivating and the world around us seems to stop as we watch it buzz around a pond. It seemed like a good fit.

Water has always been fascinating to me. It probably started as a child, constructing large dams with the Tonka toys. It was a lot of fun but I don’t think the neighbours down the street really appreciated our engineering feats. Jump ahead a couple of decades and I am still playing with water, but no longer flooding out the neighbours driveways at the end of the day.

It was time for a change and in 2005 Dragonfly Ponds and Landscaping was born. After starting out with general landscaping, I quickly discovered that it would be best to focus just on water and know it inside and out, rather than try and fumble my way through the many other components of landscaping. The name was changed to Dragonfly Ponds and Water features and the huge learning curve started.

For over 12 years I have been given hundreds of opportunities to repair, improve and rebuild water features made by general landscapers. These challenges have allowed me to see just how easily poor design and/ or installation techniques can change what should be a joy to everyone, to a very frustrating experience.

Incorporating the knowledge gained from all of these projects along with my own ideas have evolved my building techniques to install water features that are creative, low maintenance and will last. A good water feature takes time to mature to become as much of an independent ecosystem as possible. It needs care and maintenance with thoughtful creation and thorough planning. A properly built water feature does not require time consuming work that would detract from your enjoyment.

Water features add more than water to your yard. A healthy ecosystem attracts birds, butterflies and dragonflies. I enjoy this aspect of waterscapes and so I have taken on a very environmentally friendly approach to my business. One of the things that makes Dragonfly Ponds unique is our attention to detail. As an example, the rocks we use are very specific. We hand pick all of our rock at the quarry, looking for unique shapes which makes the creative part of each project the fun part. Hunting for rocks at the quarry takes time, but when you find the perfect rocks that look like water has been flowing through them for years… Priceless. Even the med – larger river rock I use are hand picked to ensure that they are all shaped like dinosaur eggs so that it looks like they have always been in a stream.

Most water features I see have broken, sharp edged and even square like rocks in the streams, not a very natural look. Rock selection and installation techniques are very important if you really want to enjoy the tranquil sounds that water can be manipulated to make. When we turn on a stream for the first time and you hear 7 or 8 different soothing/gurgle sounds echoing throughout the feature, that’s…..tranquility. That’s the creative difference with Dragonfly Ponds, most features I see have 1 dominant waterfall that makes a loud constant sound and drowns out any other sounds including the person you are talking to.

We take great pride in our creations, stand behind our work and have a strong list of satisfied clients that you are more than welcome to go through.

Our Team

Jen – Jen (aka Swamp Demon #3) joined us in 2014 and now looks after some of our maintenance clients but is mostly involved in building beautiful rock walls and installing & repairing water features.

Les – I started Dragonfly Ponds back in 2003. Playing with water was really a hobby before that but the whole fascination with water started when I was a kid building dams with the Tonka toys. Working with rock and water is an amazing thing. Going to the quarry and searching for cool rocks that look like water could be manipulated over them so that it looks like it was always like ……..

Karen – Karen (aka Swamp Demon #1) has been with our team since 2011 and looks after most of our pond cleanings and maintenance. Thus the reason we all bow to the Queen of the Swamp Demons.

Michelle – Michelle (aka Swamp Demon #2) joined our team in 2013. Michelle looks after maintenance for some of our West Kelowna and Peachland clients but has taken on a bigger role helping build our water features. “Muscles” has become very good at digging grave-like holes for our pondless features.


A testimonial is only as good as the day it was written. Water features are not just a finish it & get paid and never see you again type of project, they are an ongoing interaction with the client. Long after your water feature has been completed, various issues and questions can come up. Whether your pond is old or new we are there for you. If you need it cleaned, have a concern, need the hole patched from where the spike from the solar light you installed is or fixing a leak, we are going to help you out. A true testimonial is a long term client that has had issues dealt with whether they are small or large and can tell you how we handled it. We prefer to take you to various water features and let you see our work and talk to a client so you know the real story, not just words typed out after a feature has been installed with no history behind it.

Yours Truly,

Les Ingram

Dragonfly Ponds