pond cleaning

The above picture shows what a pond can look like when a lot of organic matter has accumulated. Depending on how much organic matter gets into and rots in the pond and/or the fish load, it can quickly build up and cause an algae problem or worse yet the pond can get toxic enough to kill your fish.

We do a lot of pond cleaning, a big help in getting your pond back in balance. When we clean a pond we will also recommend changes that will help keep the pond easier to keep clean.

How do I get rid of Algae?

Ironically, algae is actually trying to help you deal with a bigger problem you don’t see, a large nutrient load. Most people see algae as a bad thing and want to kill off something that is actually trying to help them out. Killing off the algae ( and who knows what else ) with chemicals, pond treatments or ionizers does not actually deal with what caused the algae, it just allows the problem to get worse.

When we get a call for an algae problem, a thorough pond cleaning is required to get the pond back in balance and healthy again. There are more nutrients in the pond than a natural ecosystem can process. The pond needs a good cleaning to reduce the nutrient load so the natural ecosystem can look after it. Pond maintenance is similar to lawn care and needs to be done regularly to keep as much of the above under control. Maintenance done weekly is a lot easier and quicker than leaving it for 3 weeks.

We can’t believe how many products are available to help deal with problems associated with water features. How effective or environmentally friendly they are is questionable. A great filter system, beneficial pond plants, regular cleaning and the addition of good bacteria are the best ways to keep a water feature looking amazing.

Our water features are designed specifically to establish an ecosystem and allow for easy cleaning to avoid nutrient build-up; simple steps that keep ” chemicals, ionizers and treatments ” out of the equation. The water feature looks great, your pets, the birds, butterflies and dragonflies will also like you a LOT more.