Creative ponds and water features in Kelowna

Quality built, unique creative ponds and water features, is what Dragonfly Ponds has always been about.

In a world where every landscaper seems to be pumping out basic water features, we take pride in creating creative creations….one of a kind water features.

We search through the quarries looking for very unique rocks so our streams and waterfalls look like water has been flowing over them forever.

With over 13 years of experience cleaning and repairing water features designed and implemented by other contractors, we definitely know the few techniques that work.

Unfortunately, we continue to see many poorly designed water features that leak and get very green with algae. Our backyard pond maintenance and repair and pond cleaning services are in high demand because of poorly designed ponds.

Inexperienced installation can be costly

The part of our business that we find the most difficult are the calls from people that have had a water feature installed and end up having problems. These types of calls are numerous and usually start off with ” they say they cannot fix it ” or ” they won’t return my calls “.

Unfortunately, the majority of landscape companies try to do all aspects of your landscape including the pond but due to lack of pond building experience & improper installation technique end up with a feature with countless issues. Trying to repair one of these features is only a band-aid and more than likely will become a complete rebuild which will be quite costly to do.

Our advice to you…do some research, ask around, ask them a lot of questions to see if they know what they are talking about.  Here are some Important Questions to Ask before starting.

Bigger is not always better!

Streams and waterfalls can be built in a specific way to allow lower flow, energy-efficient pumps to be used while still creating the same effect as a bigger pump. Our average feature typically has 2 streams and 8 different water effects creating soothing/gurgle sounds echoing throughout the feature with an energy-efficient 2700 GPH (gallon per hour) pump, others may use a 4-5000 GPH pump. This equals….tranquility for your eyes, ears and pocketbook.

That is the creative difference with Dragonfly Ponds. Most features we see have a big pump and one dominant waterfall that makes a loud constant sound that drowns out all other sounds including the person that may be standing next to you.

Another factor that you might like to think about is your neighbours. What most people don’t realize until the first night or two of listening to that big waterfall is how the neighbour’s sleep patterns and yours for that matter are disrupted by your new Niagara Falls West. Many water features run less than expected at night due to noise.

Being responsible concerning water loss

All aspects of our water features are designed to keep water loss to a minimum. We live in the Okanagan; it is a dry climate, and we can’t be wasting a precious resource. Unfortunately, the two main water loss issues are…a lot of landscapers install big waterfalls, “spring run-off” streams and water that crashes down on the rocks below. These all create an incredible amount of splash which then evaporates quickly in the Okanagan heat.

The other big water loss issue is leaking water features and there are a lot of them. The most common causes are liner that has not been properly protected and has been punctured, a liner that has been cut too low or insufficient overlap and just the plain lack of proper installation knowledge.

Inexperienced installation can lead to huge water loss on a daily basis. Please remember, we live in a hot climate, so every water feature loses water. There are a lot of variables but on average on a warm day, you could lose a 1/2 inch a day. More than this and you have a problem.

A Dragonfly Pond water feature will be well designed will sound amazing, have minimal water loss, be able to be cleaned properly, last a long time and will give you lots of enjoyment for years to come.